Sell tickets

Create custom ticket tiers (with various price points) for potential attendees to choose from, directly on the event template form, under the Tickets tab. Odoo simplifies the ticket-purchasing process by providing plenty of payment method options.


First, in order to enable the creation (and selling of) event tickets, go to Configuration ‣ Settings, then enable the Tickets and Online Ticketing features.

The Tickets feature allows tickets to be sold for an event.

The Online Tickets feature allows for the sale of tickets to occur through the website.


If these options are not enabled, a default Register button will be available for free registrations.

View of the settings page for Odoo Events.

Sell tickets through sales orders

In the Sales application, choose a previously-created Event Registration (as if it were a product), and add it as a product line. Upon adding the registration, a pop-up appears, which allows for the selection of a specific event (and ticket tier). That specific event ticket is then attached to the sales order.

View of a sales order and option to choose the specific event in Odoo Events.

Events with tickets sold online or through sales orders have a Sales Smart Button shortcut, located at the top of the event template form (in the Events application).

Clicking the Sales Smart Button reveals a page with all the sales orders related to that event.

View of an event's form and the sales smart button in Odoo Events. View of an event form highlighting the column product under the tickets tab in Odoo Events.

Sell tickets through the website

With tickets purchased through the website, the process is similar to creating a Sales Order with a specific Registration product. Here, tickets are added to a virtual cart, and the transaction can be completed as usual - utilizing any of the pre-configured payment methods options that have been set up on the website.

The completed purchase is automatically produced in a Sales Order, which can be easily accessed in the back end of the database.

View of website transaction for Odoo Events.