Odoo V12 产品发布会 — 北京站

Odoo V12 产品发布会 — 北京站

Odoo V12 产品发布会 — 北京站Registration/报名注册Odoo V12 is out! Version 12 not only comes with major updates and new features, but also comes with brand new modules. As a gold panner, Falinwa cannot wait to share more details with you.

期待已久的Odoo 12版本发布了!Odoo 12 不仅带来更多新的功能,同时还上线了全新的模块。作为金牌合作伙伴,法林瓦迫不及待的要与大家一起分享我们获得的更新。

Some of the biggest changes in Version 12 are in the Accounting module, which has been revamped significantly. The new Odoo Accounting makes it easier to use and configure, and also adds new features for accountants, such as the ability to scan and import vendor bills with OCR. Saving a lot of time!

新版本中有着较大变化的是“会计”模块,该模块已是大幅度的改进。在新的Odoo 版本中会计模块将会是更易于使用和配置,并为会计师添加了新的功能,例如能够扫描或者使用OCR导入供应商账单,这将会非常节约时间。

Another new module is called Document Management, it allows you to digitalize the sharing, requesting and signing of documents within your team. The new IoT (internet of things) module will give you the ability to easily connect external devices to Odoo and directly record their data.


Finally, Odoo now allows multi-website management. This means you can have 2 or more websites connected to your database. This is a huge benefit, especially for E-commerce businesses who want to simplify management of multiple website stores.最后,Odoo现在允许多网站管理。 这意味着您可以拥有2个或更多网站并能够直接连接您的数据库。 这是一个巨大的优势,特别是对于想要简化多个网站商店管理的电子商务企业。

Time and Venue 时间和地址:

23th Nov 2018 (Friday)


BALLROOM A, China World Hotel, Beijing (No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, 100004 Beijing)/BALLROOM A, 北京中国大饭店(中国北京建国门外大街1号)。

Odoo V12 产品发布会 — 北京站 


北京中国大饭店(Odoo V12 产品发布会暨企业数字化转型论坛)
12:00 -12:30
30 mins
12:30 -13:15
Introduction of Odoo 12 and DemoOdoo发展动态及V12产品发布
45 mins
13:15 -13:45
Short Break/茶歇
30 mins
13:45 -14:30
Presentation by Inspur
浪潮集团有限公司PS CLOUD
45 mins
Presentation by Falinwa


45 mins
15:15 -16:00
Presentation by Odoo QS山西清水欧度信息技术有限公司
45 mins
16:00 -16:45
Presentation by Kalway


45 mins
16:45 -18:00
Networking and Tea Break


15 mins

Note 备注: Please bring two business cards 请携带两张名片

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