App Web UI Enhance(Search by date or number range,List background color,Barcode Setting.)

Please install app_odoo_customize First.

This moduld allows user to Search by date or number range in List view and Pivot view.

  • 1.List all the date/datetime field to select range
  • 2.List all the integer/float/Monetary field to select range
  • 3.Auto get user timezone, global Timezone supported.
  • 4.Easy admin to enable/disable the search.
  • 5.Instructions for Activating List background color property.
  • 6.Reset the barcode format.

Date range

Value range

Pivot View

How to setup

There are 2 way to setup

1.Go to Menu: Settings->odooApp->UI Enhance

Setup what you need

2. Go to Menu: Settings->Technical->Parameters->System Parameters

You can find "app_ui_show_search_date" and "app_ui_show_search_number"

Go to Menu: Settings->Technical->Parameters->System Parameters.

Set the Value to "False" if you do not want to show the search. And set "True" to show.

Web list View Background Color

This module changes the line color of records based on condition like state of a record and helps distinguish between different sets of records based on condition.

Set Backgroud color to filed in list view based on condition same as colors and style attributes of tree view.

# Instructions for Activating List background color property

Just add tree attribute like style and colors with condition you want.

bg_colors="grey:state=='cancel';green:state=='draft';blue:state in ('done');red:state in ('waiting')"


    <record id="view_demo_tree" model="ir.ui.view">
        <field name="name">demo.tree</field>
        <field name="model">demo.model</field>
        <field name="arch" type="xml">
            <tree bg_colors="grey:state=='cancel';green:state=='draft';blue:state in ('done');red:state in ('waiting')" name="demo_tree">
                <field name="name" string="Appointment" />
                <field name="state" />